Customized Language Training for Business

Optimize your workplace communication with comprehensive language instruction tailored to the needs of your employees and workplace.

What is

ILSC Language Training for Business

Language comprehension, together with the ability to communicate comfortably in the language of one’s peers, are the keys to employee success in the workplace. Empower and motivate your management and staff to increase workplace productivity and to contribute effectively to your company’s goals. ILSC’s customized language training for business will increase the confidence, competence, and capacity of your employees, enabling them to advance in their careers and to contribute more to your business success.

The Benefits

Improve in-house communication, efficiency and productivity.

Increase staff confidence and maximize professionals skills.

Enhance staff-client relationships and business opportunities.

What we offer

Our trained, professional instructors assess your employees’ precise language levels and needs in order to tailor a targeted language training program.
Our instructors are fully qualified professionals with Certificates in Teaching English or French as-a-Second Language, combined with either Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in relevant subject areas.
Training can be held at a time and place that fits employee schedules. The number of weekly hours can be tailored to meet the needs and goals of trainees.
Courses are designed to support the needs and interests of your employees and their workplace. Sample course content includes role-play dialogues, local and international news analysis and workplace scenarios. Talk to us about customizing courses to meet your unique business needs or choose from existing ILSC courses. Sample course include:

  •  Business Culture
  • Business English/French*
  • Business Management & Human Resources
  • Business Presentation Skills
  • Listening for Professionals
  • Pronunciation—Accent Reduction
  • Reading & Writing
  •  Vocabulary & Grammar
  • English for Finance
  • Import & Export
  • English for Law
  • English for Marketing



I really enjoyed my lessons. My teachers improved lessons based on my opinion, continuously. They found my weak points and taught me how to improve them. In addition, lessons were really fun.

Katsuya Hyodo Sony

We have been doing business with ILSC for a few years now. Even those of us who were beginners at the start now possess the skills necessary to function comfortably in the workplace and with our international clients. We are very satisfied with their services.

Veronica Beenox

ILSC provided me with tailored courses for my needs. The teacher was very effective, focused on the essentials and made sure I made improvements. I wanted to improve specific aspects of my English and we got the job done.

Robert Odgers Berndtson



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